Aston Air Conditioning and Refrigeration is a leading mechanical services contractor with proven expertise in design and installation including maintenance of commercial and residential air conditioning systems. We are committed to incorporating quality processes into our business management to ensure we supply affordable, quality products and services to our customers and maintain a committed and motivated workforce.

We will achieve this by:

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction by understanding and meeting their requirements;
  • Fostering motivated and satisfied personnel by increasing and maintaining their job knowledge, investing in their training and exposing them to varied and challenging work environment;
  • Partnering with suppliers, contractors and service providers who share our quality objectives;
  • Ensuring quality equipment is maintained and readily available for works;
  • Ensuring effective reporting and analysis of financial performance including sales efficiency and job profitability;
  • Monitoring, reviewing and continually improving our business processes.

We have developed a Business Management System which incorporates the requirements of ISO 9001, relevant industry standards and legal regulations to guide and define our operations and enable best business practices.

The successful implementation and maintenance of our Business Management System relies on all personnel understanding and adhering to these practices. Our management team are committed to demonstrating the high standard which is expected throughout the organisation.

Our quality policy is regularly reviewed with related objectives and targets set and maintained accordingly.

Shane Bradford, Director