Aston Air Conditioning and Refrigeration specialise in providing superior mechanical ventilation and filtration services to the commercial and industrial sectors. Mechanical ventilation helps control indoor air quality by removing excess moisture, fumes, odours, dust or other pollutants and also allows even distribution of air.


Fume Cupboards

It is vital that the correct fume cupboard is designed and installed to your laboratory or work area when there are health risks associated with fumes. Typically an air pump sucks the hazardous fumes away before they can be inhaled and a glass screen can be included for protection from chemicals or other liquids. Our experienced team members can help design and install the most suitable fume cupboard for your needs.


Car Park Ventilation

We have years of experience designing and installing car park ventilation systems. The main aim is to ensure air quality is maintained while complying with the correct standards. Exhaust fumes can easily build up so the correct ventilation is vital for their removal.


Kitchen Exhaust Systems

Indoor air quality is a big issue in commercial kitchens where excess moisture can lead to mould and health problems. Proper ventilation will remove odours as well as help regulate air temperatures. We offer a range of extraction canopies with dedicated air change rates and differing velocity requirements. Speak to us about your particular kitchen space and we can design an appropriate exhaust system that meets standard requirements.