We liaise closely with architects, builders and consultants to design and install a variety of air conditioning solutions expertly adapted to meet your required specifications.

From exclusive multi-residential and mixed use developments Aston Air Conditioning has the experience and expertise to deliver on time and on budget.

Aston Air Conditioning is experienced in every aspect of commercial air conditioning including multi-level buildings, refurbishments, labourites, shopping centres, warehouses, hospitals, gymnasiums, sporting centres, churches, fire stations, defence facilities, aged care facilities, university’s and schools.

Commercial Air Conditioning

Aston Air specialise in commercial air conditioning solutions for businesses of all sizes. We understand that thermal comfort and superior indoor air quality are just as important for a small office as they are for a large shopping centre or tall skyscraper.  We can recommend, install and service any size HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system including Rooftop Packaged units, VRV’s, Chillers, Multi-Head and Split Systems. We can provide the correct air solution for offices, banks, restaurants, retail outlets, hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, surgeries, schools, laboratories, emergency services, shopping centres and more.

Residential Air Conditioning

Queensland is subject to a varying range of temperatures. Air conditioning in your home provides a level of comfort and climate control that is unsurpassed.  Say goodbye to sleepless summer nights and hovering over a heater that only heats one room. Modern technology has not only improved the functionality of air conditioning but has made it extremely economical too. The introduction of inverter technology allows systems to run more efficiently resulting in lower power bills. The required temperature is attained much more quickly and temperature fluctuations are completely minimised.

The two main types of domestic air conditioning systems include split and ducted. Here is a quick guide to each.

Cassettes and Wall Splits

Cassettes and split system wall units comprised of an outdoor unit connected to an indoor unit (that can be installed on the wall or mounted near the floor or ceiling). If you’re after heating and cooling in different rooms, these are great options! .With minimal cost to you and the environment Reverse cycle inverter cassette and wall units are designed to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Our popular wall mounted split systems are simple and cost effective to install & maintain. Super quiet when running, you’ll have flexibility and control – we can install in either one or several rooms! Meaning you get to choose which rooms you want to cool and when.

There are many benefits of installing a split air conditioning system. They are easy to install and maintain as they require only a small hole in the wall to be installed and their filters are washable.  Split systems are very quiet with the outdoor unit able to be placed in small areas such as a veranda, balcony or patio if space is an issue.

Cost is always a big drawcard when considering climate control. Split systems are extremely economical and perfect for areas that only require heating or cooling at certain times for example a lounge room that requires heating through the day or a bedroom that needs warmth or cool air at night.

Split systems are easy to operate through a simple remote control and with new slimline designs they can blend in seamlessly with the decor.

Ducted Air Conditioning & Package Units

With flexible climate control solutions for large open areas, Ducted Air allows you to switch certain rooms on or off as required through zoned areas. With the advantage of an obscured installation method, this option means you can see only the vents in the wall or ceiling, unlike split-system units which take up precious wall space.

Ducted Air conditioning also allows you to control the temperature from one controller. Ducted Air conditioning provides an even flow of air to wherever you choose, as opposed to Split-system wall units that will only cool the room in which they’re installed. With Ducted Air conditioning, the centralised control unit provides the option to set timers for individual areas – it’s easy to use, once installed by a helpful Aston Technician, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the new benefits.

For those of you seeking to save space – perhaps you have limited ceiling space or small rooms – a packaged ducted air conditioning unit may be the key. This type of air conditioning is a very effective solution – as all parts (such as the valves, compressor, evaporator and condenser) are maintained within a single unit that is normally installed on the roof with only internal duct work, the rest runs outside!

Ducted reverse-cycle air conditioning systems are ideal when you need climate control for your whole home. You can heat or cool a number of different zones within the house simultaneously so you can completely control the atmosphere. Air distribution is even too- eliminating the dreaded cold or hot spots as you move from room to room.

Ducted is perfect for large areas that are typically difficult to heat or cool effectively. Ducted is very easy to operate with temperature levels controlled from one central panel. You can set the air to heat or cool whenever you like- you don’t even need to be at home.

Ducts are typically installed in the ceiling so they don’t look unsightly or impose upon existing decor. These systems are quiet too – the days of noisy vibrating air conditioning units are long gone – ducted air is now whisper quiet, you won’t even realise it’s on.

Economically, it’s hard to go past ducted air for value for money.  There are so many options available including single phase, three phase and inverter systems it’s just a matter of determining the most suitable configuration for your particular needs.

Allow one of Aston’s technicians to tailor make a solution to your If you’re looking for a heating or cooling needs – call us now!

VRF, VRV & Multi Systems

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) and Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV are cutting edge climate control technologies. The multi-system approach allows duel conditioning – which means you can cool one room whilst you heat another!

These energy efficient large-scale air conditioning systems are convenient and easy to use, and are often found in hotels, motels, shopping centres, apartments, larger scale houses and commercial sites. Complete with the option of a central control unit you can control temperature, modes, and on or off for each zone from location. Your system will cleverly run whilst conserving energy, so you can be assured of a reliable performance.

The multi head air conditioning system is ideal when the roof space is not suited to installing ducted air. The multi head system allows operation over different zones or areas from the one control. They are similar to the split system but allow for more multi units on the inside to be controlled from the one outdoor unit. A very efficient thermal solution but it is imperative that it is correctly sized to the space to work efficiently.

Rooftop Packaged Systems

This style of air conditioning system is popular in medium to large commercial and industrial buildings as it is very economical and efficient. The systems are easy to install as they often come pre-assembled, with the main unit housed on the outside rooftop as the name suggests and ducts placed throughout the interior of a building in the ceiling.

Rooftop packaged units offer simultaneous thermal control over different zones (and floors) while the fan speed can be set to meet airflow demands thus saving energy. Maintaining this type of system regularly goes a long way in helping it to run efficiently. Having the system size matched to your current needs too is also a major energy saving device- bigger is not always best!

Chilled Water Systems

These systems are more commonly found in large HVAC installations, due to their efficiency advantages.

The components of the chiller are usually manufactured, assembled, and tested as a complete package.

The system can be installed to best serve the space, acoustic and maintenance requirements of any building owner.

Features Include:

  • Energy consumption
  • Space requirements
  • Freeze prevention
  • Precision
  • Building height, size, shape
  • System cooling and heating capacity
  • Centralized maintenance